Katrin, 20, Sweden
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So I'm just curious, I'm really digging this guy and I decided to tell him. He said he's digs me too. However, he also told me about a week ago that he acts awkward around girls he's really into. Well him and I are super comfortable around each other and not awkward at all. Do you think he just said he's into me just to be kind? Because he certainly hasn't made any moves.


Uhhhhhh I have no idea whatsoever haha… I mean “I dig you” isn’t exactly a marriage proposal. If those are the words you used then it wouldn’t surprise me if it came off as a buddy buddy “I dig ya brahhh”.

Ultimately you’re going to have to either make a move yourself or I don’t know… Ask him again? Haha

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I hope I'm not late for the blog check because you're one of my favourites. What is your favourite movie of all time?



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so I was with this guy for a while, and towards the end of the relationship, it was super obvious that he didn't like me and he had a thing with another girl, and I'm pretty sure he cheated on me, it's like four months later and I still cry about it constantly, how the fuck do I get over him because he's an asshole?


Uhh I don’t know :( You have to get it into your head that you’re better off without him and that you are going to find someone who makes you thankful that it didn’t work out with this other guy so that you could meet him and be happier than you’ve ever been in your life. x

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